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Oxford & IBH has been serving the scientific community since 1964. The aim has been to bring high quality, well edited and technically correct research publications. Numerous bestselling textbooks have been around for over 30 years, now in updated editions.

Many of our dictionaries and reference books have been appreciated for several years.

Modern English Dictionary
Rs. 375/-
Dictionary of Synonyms &
Antonyms, 3/e
Dictionary of Synonyms &
Rs. 195/-
Complete Works of
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
Rs. 360/-

T.V. Rao
Rs. 250/-
How to Read a
Balane Sheet, 2/e
How to Read a Balane Sheet
Rs. 250/-
New Medical Dictionary, 3/e

New Medical Dictionary
Rs. 195/-
Roget's International
Thesaurus, 3/e
Roget's International Thesaurus
Rs. 360/-
Must For Mums: Mumbai

Rina Mehta
Mumbai Mum’s Guide
Rs. 225/-